We turn natural bacterial components into antimicrobial weapons


Enzybiotx is a biotech company which engages in the discovery, development and commercialization of enzybiotics – enzyme based non-antibiotic therapeutics. We design, develop and adjust enzybiotics to your needs.


Post-antibiotic era is around the corner and if we do not stop it, soon we will be facing increased death rates caused by ordinary bacterial infections and standard medical procedures will be too risky, as in the 19th Century. Our expertise in protein engineering helps us to develop and deliver much needed solutions.

Safe & effective

Completely novel approach – a new generation non-antibiotic antimicrobials, which are safe, effective and selectively eliminate antibiotic resistant strains and biofilms.

Over 10 years of experience

Our discovery platform is based on over a decade of research of bacterial proteins which we turn into antimicrobial weapons.

Individual approach

Once an enzybiotic is discovered, we can adjust its efficacy, specificity and stability to the potential applications. The best candidates can be offered to our clients for further co-development into antimicrobial component of client’s final products.


EIT Food – Test Farms

Funding provided: 3 000 EUR

Source of funding: EIT Food

Date of implementation: 08.2021 – 12.2022

Aim of the project: Testing in real life conditions of our enzymes as antistaphylococcal product for disinfecting surfaces in animal husbandry facilities, e.g. cowshed, piggery.

Women TechEU

Funding provided: 75 000 EUR

Source of funding: Horizon Europe

Date of implementation: 06.2022 – 01.2023


Aims of the project:

  1. Support the development of the company as an organization,
  2. Support in product and market validation,
  3. Support in development of women co-founders through coaching and mentoring and expanding their professional network, leading ultimately to the growth of Enzybiotx in a sustainable manner.